A– Individuals

I have yet to develop a consistent approach to the depiction of a single individual.   Most of the examples here were stimulated by the shape or texture of the raw material.

This bagatelle arose from some scrap strips of aluminum:



Our chemistry department had scrapped out their old computers and I was able to buy thirty of their 14″ iron-oxide-coated aluminum hard disks.  Bolted together, they made a suitable helmet for the aluminum slab construction portrait of Alex –result: Conquistador.


Here is photo of the slab-sculpture portrait along with a profile of Alex (taken while he was getting his head shaved)9906AB_SculptPortAlex



This shows several views of a paper sculpture; an experiment with Bristol board and white glue9466-71_PaperHead_Lord3x6-300



This from experimenting with a TIG welder8015-WeldedMan2010



This from experimenting with clay over a wooden armature; I was trying to depict my father but ended up rather wide of the mark:7909AW_ClayHead_7_JCZ

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