Ca10 –Randall Proposals

Randall Courtyard Seating

Adding seats to the courtyard between Randall Lab and West Hall would give people a pleasant place to relax, to converse, and to watch the passing parade as students move between classes.

3594AW-SeatedInRandallCourtyardhere shown in the current configuration
3946AW_CourtyardBenchStudentTrafficProposed location of alcove seating:
3955DW_CourtyardSeatingConfiguratwith seats of a familiar type that leave the alcoves easy to clean:

And some possibilities (andcost estimates) for seating plans:
4400B CourtyardSeatingPossibles


For the 4th-floor doors separating New and Old Randall

Visual reminder that the first-ever microwave spectroscopy was done in 1934 (80 years ago!) on the 4th floor of Randall Lab.
See the related sculpture (A5) for more description.
See the 21cm hydrogen line proposal (C6)for a similar construction.
7150A NH3-Door-4x5-300

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