I have  done many sculptures for presentation to individuals in recognition of their achievements.  A sampling of these follows:

For Public Service:

Recognizing the many contributions by Fred and Becky Gregory for the disadvantaged people in Bloomington, Indiana 3319B_FlameOfHope7x9


For Achievements with Coherent Radiation

To celebrate Michigan’s pioneering work in advanced radars.   This sculpture also suggests ways to commemorate the  Willow Run (ERIM) Laboratory’s synthetic aperture radar that was such an important advance in mapping of the earth’s surface.

0420A_RadarUlabyStage3 copy



For Discoveries in Particle Physics

Recognizing Eduard de la Cruz Burelo’s contributions to the discovery of the Xi-b baryon

5366AW_XiBsculpture copy


Recognizing Homer A. Neal’s long, continuing leadership on the frontiers of particle physics:



For the Michigan Physics Olympiad5 6898AW-123TrophiesOlympiad2013
2013 Physics Olympiad 1st
2013 Physics Olympiad 1st
2003 Physics Olympiad 1st
2003 Physics Olympiad 1st


For Distinguished Scientific Achievement


These two, quite different sculptures honor the work of Robert Axelrod.   Above is a general expression of coöperation; below is a kinetic demonstration of the Prisoner’s Dilemma where the final state of the sculpture is determined by each prisoner’s choice between the admit and deny alternatives.



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