An assortment of sculptures . . .

Mass Spectroscopy1566C_MasSpec_4x6_300

A. O. C. Nier of the University of Minnesota was a pioneer in precision mass spectroscopy.

Using Moiré Effects

The Moiré effect shown here is generate by a pair of perforated metal sheets.   It shows that two sheets with simple, periodic patterns can combine to produce a more complicated and interesting visual sensation that one might not have expected.


And here one sees the Moiré effect with four perforated sheets with different sizes and spacing.  The physical structure is the same for all three of these photos . . . only the viewing angle differs. 

Holograms arise from a combination of simpler periodic patterns.  This underlies this use of Moiré for a sculptural representation of coherent optical imaging:00079-83AW-HologMiniMoire copy



Möbius Bands

This experiment with a 24″ stack of five Möbius bands preceded the construction of the  “Insiders-Outsiders” sculpture for the Comprehensive Studies Program.



Utilitarian Objects

Here are three pen holders as examples of utilitarian sculptural objects:
7 6440-6449B-DeskPen8Setx6-300 copy8859A_DeskPen-4x6_200




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