B. Copper Wire and Pipe

Sculptures with Electrical Wire

I’ve had fun with forms made from short lengths of Romex Electrical Cable that is commonly used for distributing 110 volt electricity in residences.  Romex  consists of  three  copper wires (one bare, a second wire in black insulation, and a third in white)  held together in a vinyl tube.   One can easily trim the ends of a  short length of Romex   and get an amusing result:9857-RomexWireFigure

The next example here is stereo photo of a group of three individuals:



Sculptures with Plumbing Fixtures

PVC pipe components offer many possibilities, including the whimsical

Who? Me?
Who? Me?

as well as those that show a physical principle such as this demonstration of a coherent fiber optic:8941C_FiberOpticDemoC-4x6-200In this, a coherent bundle of several hundred fibers curves through a tubular enclosure made of pipe elbows that might have a diameter of 12″ or so.   Ambient light striking one end will provide uniform illumination at the other end, but if a visitor puts their hand on the illuminated end, the image of that hand will appear on the mosaic of the other end.


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